Falafel Fail…and rest in peace dear blender

So today I tried to make falafel. Epic Fail! And I truly believe that it was of no fault of mine. It was the blender. I can hear your giggles. Yeah haha haha but no really it was the blender. We inherited this blender back in September after one of Anna’s (my roommate’s) friends gave it to us.

It has been acting pretty weird lately: the margaritas had lumpy chunks of ice, the cap sometimes used to fly off when it was in process of blending smoothies and soups, eventually the cap stopped fitting in at all and on valentine’s day the entire blender just exploded covering me and the kitchen in heavy whipping cream.

Even after all those looming signs, I was foolish enough to use it today make falafel. I first tried to chop some chickpeas which took a while but eventually half happened. When I lost my patience and started to ignore some obviously untouched chickpeas, I poured a big mix of parsley, cilantro, onions, garlic and chili into the doomed machine. With a big plop the blender feel over and released it’s final machine chop. The blender is officially dead and my falafel looks like moldy green crap. Below is the only good photo that I can share with the world.

A Red KitchenAid Blender is now added to my dream list.


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