Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Rachel Ray’s recipes have been making way to my kitchen a lot lately. I guess I am always in the gym at the time when “30 minute meals”  is on. Yes I am one of those people who watches Food Network while running on the treadmill. It gives me some sadistic delight in watching fatty and delicious food being made while trying to lose all those calories that refuse to leave.

This recipe is an interesting take on chicken cordon bleu. The chicken is stuffed with blue cheese instead of swiss and the bacon is wrapped around the chicken instead of the ham that is supposed to be inside. I thought I should give this a try.

Ingredients: 4 boneless chicken breasts (I tried to select thicker pieces so that they hold the stuffing), 4 oz crumbled blue cheese, handful baby spinach leaves, handful arugula leaves (I used a salad mix that had arugula inside it), 4 bacon slices,1 clove of garlic, salt and pepper to season

Preheat oven to 400

Chop the baby spinach.

Chop the arugula and add to a bowl with the spinach. Add the blue cheese.

Add 1 crushed clove of garlic, salt and pepper. Mix together.

Take out the chicken breast. Cut into the thick end of the chicken breast and make an incision all the way down. Loosen the incision with your fingers.

Stuff the chicken with the greens and blue cheese all the way down. Use the back of the spatula or your fingers. Next wrap 1 bacon piece around each breast covering it fully. I have 2 wrapped around each breast since Anna is on a diet.

Throw the chicken into the oven for 20 to 30 minutes.

Absolutely delicious. After this meal though I am heading to the gym. What a vicious circle.


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