$1.99 for crab meat?!What?!

My love affair with Trader Joe’s just became a lot more intimate. Boyfriend already mocks my obsession with a grocery store that has no “real snacks” (apparently dried fruit and rice crackers don’t count). But last week I was browsing the shelves of Trader Joe’s and came upon this $1.99 crab meat. What? Crab meat never costs this little. But I came to trust my Trader lover Joe. He has taught me well with the most amazing foods such as Frozen Mini Croissants (which taste like they came right out of a Parisian bakery), Thai Lime & Chili Cashews (an unbelievable mix of spicy, sour and  sweet flavors) and Shrimp Gyoza (no words needed). I have an idea for a fun salad so we’ll test the crabs then. Come back to check out the review and a recipe.



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2 responses to “$1.99 for crab meat?!What?!

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