The Saveur 100 highlights

I love magazines. I am subscribed to 9 publications and the number keeps on growing because the sneaky publishing companies keep on sending me offers and deals to subscribe to more and more magazines. It becomes a bit of a problem when I get really busy and can’t get to the magazines right away. The stack of unread publications slowly grows in my bedroom as the months pass… Recently I finally got to reading Saveur’s Jan/Feb issue. It was the Saveur 100 issue and it was great! What the Saveur 100 did, was list the top 100 letters from its readers talking about a favorite person, place or thing in the realm of the food world. Here are my favorite ones:

1. Pan con Tomate– My family spends a lot of time in Spain. This is one of my favorite things that I ate there. It does not get any simpler than this but the combination of the crispy fresh baguette, olive oil and fresh tomatoes is just amazing.

8. The Olive and the Caper– I was never a fan of Greek cuisine before this book. It is terrific. The recipes are simple and delicious and Hoffman’s storytelling is beyond entertaining. It’s a great read especially around summer time.– Food Porn…I really don’t need to say anything else.

24. Italian Plums– The photo and the recipe of the Italian Plum Rustic Tart got me. Just imagining the taste of the sourish plums with vanilla makes me drool. Hopefully they will get some Italian plums at the grocery store soon.

26.– As a rare baker, this website was truly a discovery to me. I never saw it before and it just opened a whole new world of breaking that doesn’t involve complicated stoves, appliances and hard to find ingredients.

33. The Apprentice– This memoir by Jacques Pepin is one big food journey that you can’t get off. The recipes that go along each chapter are amazing. If only I had the courage to recreate some of them…

35. Eating at New Orleans Jazz Fest– It is my dream to go to New Orleans. It is an even bigger dream to go to New Orleans during the Jazz Festival. This little blurb about all the little delicious food spots only fortified my desire to go there.

51. Foods that inspire– This little story about the roasted radishes was so warm, I couldn’t help but be a cheese ball and highlight it.

64. Lemon Curd– If you never had lemon curd, my dear friends you are missing out. My mum started making lemon curd a few years ago and serving it with croissants and with tea instead of jam. It’s amazing.

67. The Blackberry Slump– “A crumble, with blackberries glistening like jewels amid vanilla ice cream and a toasty brown crust.” Do I need to mention why this is here? This is my next recipe to try.

77. Trader Joe’s Lime & Chili Cashews– I already wrote about this magical trader Joe’s product. The delicious mix of the spicy, sour and nutty is unbelievable. Warning: You will be addicted.

92. Chicken Paprikash– Before this article, I never realized how easy this Hungarian braised chicken dish with dumplings was. I love chicken paprikash and want to try to make it some time soon. Can I really master the dumplings?


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