As seen on tv

So no recipes again today but I promise before Friday/Saturday there will be a delicious casserole recipe up. Now on the subject of my shopping addiction, I have this thing where I love to buy little food utensils that might not be that useful for a regular person.I tend to disagree but anyways… I have an onion cutter, an egg cutter, little silicone brushes, a potato brush and  a bunch of other silly things that make me happy. Is it that bad? Boyfriend thinks that I am crazy, room mate partially agrees. So yesterday I spent $19.95 on this. Yes I am one of those people who actually buys the stuff that I see on tv. When I saw the Big Top Cupcake Bake Set, I knew that I needed one or otherwise I would have not been able to sleep at night. Some arguments that people presented to me were: It is a silicone mold, you can’t use it a lot (how often do I really need to make a huge cupcake cake?), You won’t use it more than maybe 4 months a year (it’s ok, I am really not a cake person), You are paying $19.95 to be a victim of an infomercial (that’s fine. I will experience 2 minutes of shame and then move on with my life). Cupcake cake haters stop judging my little cute weakness. Is it so bad that a little girls wants to play in the kitchen?


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  1. deb

    so funny … thank you for the laughs! i needed that!

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