Top Chef Masters 2

So Top Chef Masters is officially over and Marcus Samuelsson has been announced the winner. I am so not happy about this! I don’t think that he deserved to win the title of Top Chef Master. His food was hardly innovative and his attitude just wasn’t great. Overall, this season of Top Chef Masters was a little disappointing. The host Kelly Choi said even less than last season (I didn’t think it was possible), a lot of competitions seemed borrowed from last season as well as from previous top chef competitions and the judges’ choices seemed a little off throughout.

Having said that, some of the chefs proved themselves to be amazing masters of their gourmet art. Susur Lee was one of them. Susur Lee, the executive chef and owner of several distinguished New York restaurants, became my favorite from the very beginning. Having lost his first quickfire challenge, he came back with the highest score in the history of Top Chef Masters in his second challenge. Lee’s creativity and mastery, combined with the hilarious accent and absolutely no filter (the Sopranos comment, huh?), he prepared food that was both new and familiar to the audience. His use of ingredients was fresh and his methods of cooking were unexpected. To me and Anna, he seemed the most worthy of the title. Maybe I’ll even venture into asian cooking under his cookbook tutelage. So who is excited for the upcoming of Top Chef Washington?



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2 responses to “Top Chef Masters 2

  1. Deb Batson

    Can’t wait for Wednesday!

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