Cancun and no new recipes

While I have returned from Mexico there are no new recipes for me to post. My friend is still visiting and so I have been taking her around the restaurants in Boston. I promise that soon enough I will post something delicious.

While in Mexico, I have gone into a guacomole/pico de gallo/fajitas/tacos coma. Our all inclusive 8 restaurant/bar resort fed us enough mexican food to last me for the next year to come. In addition to tanning, eating our stomachs out and going out, I have realized one of my biggest dream. I went swimming with the dolphins. Above you can see Fiji who swam with me, kissed me and rode me on his belly.

Now I am back and Boston. Be patient with me and I promise to post something amazing soon.



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4 responses to “Cancun and no new recipes

  1. Elena

    Dearest, the pictures are something!!! You look great!
    Can not even hear the word guacamole-immediately remember Cactus Jack with its magnificent stuff…
    All the best!!! Waiting for new recipes!

  2. Mamon

    привет!!! фото прелесть!

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