What happens after work

Courtesy of Park Plaza

Yesterday the craziest day. It started out when the account manager at the magazine I work at asked me if I wanted 2 VIP tickets to the Taste of Park Plaza. Not knowing what that was, I googled it. Welcome to Paradise foodies. 11 participating restaurants offer food and drinks with all the ticket money proceeding to The Greater Boston Food Bank.

There were also a series of appealing prizes put up by these same restaurants BUT only if you got a stamp at 10 of the participating restaurants. Unable to undertake this challenge on my own, I enlisted a soldier. Alecia, a committed but not raging vegetarian, had to push meat aside and consume sides at drinks drinks at an unreasonable speed- a mission that she indeed accomplish. Since we showed up to the event an hour late, as competitive as one can be to win grand prize of a stay at Park Plaza and 2 Red Sox tickets (mind me that neither me nor A even remotely care for baseball) , we had to run through all the restaurants trying to get stamps (and stuff our faces with food and liquor) in just an hour and a half.

At Pairings we sat at the lovely patio, at MJ O’Connors we had the most delicious clam chowder, at Maggianos we almost had a food coma from the family style buffet that they had laid out but it was at Fleming’s where all the fun began. A noticed a girl, accompanied by a young man, wearing the most beautiful shoes. Obviously she had to ask about them. The young man admitted to having got them for his lady friend and referred us to Nordstrom. A minute passed and we had to leave to Melting Pot where yummy cheese and chocolate fondues were awaiting us with a chocolate martini.

When we got to Smith and Wollensky, we ran into the same couple. We had a few laughs in the elevator and then bumped again when getting food. “What are you guys doing after the after-party?” the young man asked. “You should come to MJ O’Connors to see me on Master Chef on Fox.” Me and A laughed. We haven’t heard that one before. “How will we know who you are? You might look different on tv,” we said. “I will be wearing the same shirt,” he replied pointing to his orange/brown/red plaid shirt. “Maybe he wasn’t kidding,” me and A whispered leaving the restaurant.

Curiosity got better of us after the after-party at Whiskey Park. He wasn’t kidding. Meet David Miller, the contestant of Master Chef. With his entire supporting crew watching the show, we were the odd ones out. “How do you know David?” we got asked. “We met him 30 minutes ago,” was our honest answer. People looked doubtful until during the commercial David confirmed that we really did not know one another. Let me tell you what I learned about David. He knows how to chop onions, how to cook an egg and he has moved on to the next round.

After the show me and A left the bar and went home to uncover what was in our heavy gift bags. Lots of happiness it turned out in form of a classy wine opener, beer opener, Food and Wine magazine, gift cards and discounts to restaurants, rum bottle, beer glasses and indoor and outdoor cooking and warming gel (if anyone knows what I am supposed to do with this one, please comment and let me know). How I do love charity work.


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  1. Elena

    Oh, dear! Once in a while I wish I could try all those delicious dishes!!!!

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