Green Monster Side Dish

You all know my love for mashed potatoes. While I frequently enjoy mashed potatoes saturated with milk and cream cheese, you need to get your greens on the plate once in a while. Spinach, basil, mint, broccoli… all is fair game in this side dish. A prettier and brighter upgrade to regular mashed potatoes.

Ingredients: 5 small to medium sized potatoes peeled, 2 cups cooked broccoli, few bunches of fresh basil diced, 1/2 cup chicken stock, salt and pepper to season

Cut the potatoes up into halves. Add to a pot and fill with cold water. Cook on medium heat until the potatoes become soft. Drain the potatoes

Meanwhile add the broccoli to a blender

Use the chop mode to cut the broccoli into small pieces. Add to the drained potatoes. Pour in the chicken stock and add salt and pepper.

Add the chopped basil and mash the potatoes until the desired consistency

You can also add cooked diced spinach if you like. Enjoy!


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